Furnace ash is also tested for corrosiveness through checking

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Cheap Jerseys from china They are removed from the bottom of the furnaces after being quenched with water by a mechanical means. The solution is sold to the construction industry where it is used as an additive to road surfacing materials.Furnace ash is tested for pyrites (iron) and these are removed from the ash by electromagnets and sent to landfills or are stored in ponds, where further treatment may be used as embankment construction.Furnace ash is also tested for corrosiveness through checking the chloride and sulphate content. This is important as the ash will be used as an additive to road surfacing materials, and could cause acid run off.Dust and Particulates in Fly AshThe furnace ash is about 20% of the ash produced by burning coal, the other 80% is made up of fly ash suspended in the fumes, some being microscopic and must be removed. Cheap Jerseys from china

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